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LevelerApproved @Malarne (Malarne#1418) A leveler cog for Red V3
Inspired by Stevy's v2 leveler cog
Please consult the docs at for setup informations.
Thanks for using my cog !
NB:Channel whitelist is enabled by default, you can manage that under `[p]levelerset channel whitelist` command !
Bot Version and Packages UsedBot>=3.0.2Pillow Installation commandsrepo add discord_cogs cog install discord_cogs Leveler funlevelerpillowView Repository
levelerApproved @Fixator10@Stevy@flaree@aikaterna Level/Experience tracker
Increase activity (or not) on your server with chat exp!
This cog persistently stores next data about user: Discord user ID Current username Per-server XP data (current XP and current level) Total count of XP on all servers URLs to profile/rank/levelup backrounds User-set title & info User's "reputation" points count Data about user's badges Data about user's profile/rank/levelup colors Timestamp of latest message and reputation Last message MD5 hash (for comparison) This cog supports data removal requests. Bot Version and Packages UsedBot>=3.4.6pymongo>=3.10,<3.12.3motor>=2.5,<3.0fonttoolspillow>=6.2.1tabulategit+ Installation commandsrepo add fixator10-cogs cog install fixator10-cogs leveler levelermongodbv2 cogView Repository
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